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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Impromptu Writing

I am typing my thoughts as they come to me.

That, in itself, is a dangerous proposition.

You have been warned.

I have engaged myself in philosophical endeavors, sub consciously off course, to such an extent that charades such as internship no longer seem to occupy my mind.

I find myself much the happier for that despite having knowledge of the fact that I shall cry about how I didn’t take it seriously when I should have.

The future will always be uncertain. Maybe that is why I look forward to it.

I do realize that it is not time that matters but the amount of work that I do.
Time, surprisingly, however, wields little power over those who do not submit to its demands

I, for no particular reason, am reasonably elated today

I wish to talk today. Talk endlessly … about nothing, about everything …but I do not see it materializing in any immediately foreseeable circumstance this day.

I have observed the hype generated by orkut these days. In addition to this I have also observed that most people creating accounts here do so for it is the latest fad. I find this reason outrageously preposterous.

If only people did it with right earnest …

Ahh… these words needn’t be taken seriously … or maybe at all.

I wonder when people will stop trying to be a football of the mass’s opinion.

I shall take leave now in order to try and satisfy an insatiable urge to devour chocolate ice cream.

Until next time …



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This state s called VOID.
When u r happy, but not celebrating it... celebrating, but it feels so empty thr also... what u really need is a great fuck n fag!! Start LIVING.....now!!

6:28 PM  

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