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Monday, April 07, 2008

A Second Innings

I believe the time is right to justify the title of this post

Only the venue has changed now ... http://www.thelaststageofavarice.blogspot.com

You see I do not wish to spoil the sanctity of this blog.

Feels good to be back ...

Weird sentences ... Should suffice for now


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Post Number 200

It is 10:55 PM and I find myself typing what just might be the last post this blog may see.

I've had the honour of being a part of F.L.I.R.T.We've had our share of ups and downs; big ones, small ones. We've had it hard, We've had it easy. We've lost at places where we should have won and we've won at places where we should have lost.

What matters, for sure, is the simple .... Oh I do not want to spoil the sanctity of the emotion by spelling it out .... the simple ... feel ... of being there. Performing. For everyone ... for no one. For us. Just being there, on stage … at practice, with people who I regard no less than brothers, comrades in war.

Have you had the feeling of being in perfect harmony with everything? When you know nothing in the world could change the way you feel. Perhaps, then, you might know what we go through so many times.

I doubt if we would have been the same people had we not been a part of F.L.I.R.T
All I can say is that I owe a lot to these four individuals. I wouldn't be the same without you. No doubt about it.

Off the top of my mind ...

Jha - Thanks for arranging girls for the dances EVERY SINGLE TIME !You're Don Juan ! Plus plus plus ... I haven't seen anyone survive a 10foot free fall and then continue performing as if nothing's happened ;)

Sobby - Thank you for always keeping the mood light during practice and in general. Thanks for thinking as a team instead of just an individual.

Mani - Thanks for saying NO to all those girls ;) You know what I mean ! Thanks for being my duet dance partner. Couldn't have found a better one. HELL, I wouldn't WANT a better one !

Saurabh - Thanks for 'Khoon Chala'. I'm still hoping you turn up for at least one practice on time :)

Of course there are at least a dozen other points for each of them but I cannot afford to mention them all. I'd have to type for a few days to exhaust the entire list.

It's been 4 years now and every moment spent together is worth its weight in gold. None of us will ever forget what we've had for 4 years. The ups and downs, the frustration, the practice sessions the sleepless nights the kaleidoscope of emotions. Each and every one of them. Without exception.

We've been to the edge financially, mentally, physically and emotionally and you know what? Life begins at the edge.

They say hope is an asylum of the weak. Hope is what we've had to bank on for a better part of our first year. Hoping to make people stand up and take notice. Hoping for that glisten in peoples' eyes when they say F.L.I.R.T Hoping to be good enough. Hoping to feel important.

You are stronger beyond your wildest imagination. Believe it.

Don't let people tell you it cannot be done ... It isn't never ... it's just long periods of not yet.

Don't let people tell you that you might not be good enough ... Reality is an illusion ... only dreams are real.

Don't let people tell you to quit ... they cannot see the world through your eyes.

Don't let people tell you that you might embarrass yourself trying to achieve your goals ... there are worse things.

This is YOUR life.

Live it.

F.L.I.R.T ... Forever


Monday, March 19, 2007

The Final Frontier

Rendezvous ’06 – IIT Delhi

PECfest ’07 - PEC

Saturnalia ’07 - Thapar

The trilogy is complete.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hoping Against Hope

Saturnalia ’07 will see us performing in the group dance event tomorrow.For the first time in four years, I believe, we aren’t ready.

Let’s see what transpires …


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Silent Lucidity

When will I learn that I’m going to have an excruciatingly tough time in this world?
My toughest years lie ahead of me and I see them approaching.

Standing on the edge … waiting to embrace them with open arms …


Friday, March 09, 2007

Time Out

I need a break from life. Urgently. Respite, however, is not imminent on the horizon.
Ahh ... life as usual


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Time Well Spent?

I’ve spent the weekend trying to make an MJ solo.It is way harder than everybody thinks it is.I’m not talking about the Dangerous routine. It’s more of the original digital dancing that he does.The Gloved One has the moves alright :)

I just suppose I'm getting too old for this (snicker)
Anyway, nothing of great significance has transpired over the weekend. Holi has come and gone and I am dry as ever.

I think it appropriate to mention here that I have just used my first smiley in a blog post.

Lame, but true.

I shall take leave.
There’s work to be done.