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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Amongst Other Things

I’ve been listening to Take it Easy by The Eagles all day long. Why don’t they make more songs like these anymore?

Here’s something that will shock almost everybody in touch with me to the core.

I actually went looking for shoes today !

Ok ok, it’s only because ma left me with no choice but I went nonetheless. Now here’s the bizarre part - I actually found a pair that I fancied. They look like the sneakers that Michael Jordan wore in Space Jam during the ending Basketball match. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Plans for buying a mobile are turning more complex since everybody is giving me mutually exclusive opinions on which set I should opt for.

It seems the natural habitat of nincompoops is no longer restricted to the confines of the Punjab Technical University. They, clearly, have spread out into affiliated colleges and have seemed to take a particular liking to our institution.

I say this because I have just been informed about the new policies framed by our management.
They say if somebody from college has already been placed then he is barred form appearing from any other placement test until the time that 80% of the entire batch has been placed.

Once 80% of the batch has been placed, even then under no circumstances are the placed candidates to secure more than two job offers.

Perfect. Great going.

Do not loathe me for the stance I am taking on this issue. I can only hope that you view this with a sense of rationality.

The thing is this; how are the already placed candidates going to affect the chances of the others vis-à-vis getting selected by a company???

How does barring them help the others?

I can say this with a certain degree of confidence (despite the rigging of the Home Institute – Which, by the way, is no longer a rumor or something kept under the rug) that the company is looking for quality. Not Quantity. If they believe a certain individual fulfills the criteria required off him then should he not be the one selected? Do his offer letters from other companies make a difference here?

Off course I cannot argue against a company which has a policy of barring candidates who already have been placed. That is a choice that the company has made. What right, though, does an academic institution have to enforce such a policy?

It is not a question of exercising the option of appearing or not, here, but, simply, of having an option to exercise in the first place. Whether any of us choose to actually appear for an interview again is not the matter. The matter is that we may have the choice to do so. That, I believe, is also a fundamental pillar of democracy – Something that this country swears to abide by.

I do solemnly hope that half of those responsible for formulating nonsensical policies, not unlike this one, become terminally ill.

The other half, it is hoped by me, may be forced to eat a concoction that tastes like kaddu, gheeya and baingan all rolled into one.

And after that may the Devil take over the souls of each one of them and make them watch reruns of Ekta Kapoor’s soaps.

I shall contact Satan myself for the same.

Alternate suggestions for the above are always welcome.

Oh and Good luck to everyone appearing for the Tech Mahindra exam tomorrow. I’ve heard it won’t be the easiest.




Anonymous anuj said...

when did the management formulate such a policy !

anyways, people will have all kinds of suggestions for cellphones, they'll recommend the one with a good cam or good mp3 playback etc but a mobile is primarily meant for talking and sending/receiving short messages. keep that in mind while making your choice. ofcourse, most of the mobiles come bundled with gprs these days, so you don't have to worry about that aspect.

12:07 PM  
Blogger the artful dodger said...

1. The sorry excuse for a policy was passed a month ago, I think.

2. Yes, it IS true that most phones do come bundled with Bluetooth. Now I'm happy :)

10:25 PM  

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