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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Life’s the same – only different.

We have indulged in basement cricket in our pg. It is, without any hint of doubt, fun.
Arneja, in trying to be a little too flamboyant, smashed a glass bulb in a glass casing to smitherines yesterday.

This was followed by Dhand literally charging into a door (in the basement) in his attempt to steal a single and smashing its hinges to smitherines.

The major difference between the two events was the sound. It was amplified in both cases, as one would expect, however, a crash was heard in the first instance while a more BANG kind of sound was recorded in the second case.
Our landlady has no knowledge of this but I fear things will change in a day or two.

Moving on, now that we have an internet connection here everybody here seems to be bickering over who gets to avail it and when. I have chosen the graveyard shift for myself. I find this particular suited for me since I prefer to ahem … work online (or whichever way you choose to put it )… when I’m alone.

At almost all other times when the sun is up I find myself looking at an orkut logged screen with Mr. Sharma or Mr. Arora hogging the computer.

The word obsession cannot do justice to the hype generated by orkut. The evenings belong to Arneja who, invariably, also logs in before proceeding to mobango.com.

Mention the word orkut in front of him,however. and he swears off it putting the blame solely on me.

In other news, The final track for Rendezvous 2006 is ready. The moves are being finalized with only a few minutes worth of track left to be completed.
This year, thankfully, we have no salsa to murder or a Govinda type Bollywood song to embarrass us and the audience alike. I hereby thank the Lord for sending Saurabh for his internship to Bombay (I prefer Bombay to Mumbai). Who knows what could’ve transpired in his presence !

I’m hating typing this post right now so I shall be stopping soon.


…and it feels good.



Anonymous anuj said...

what !!!

no more of the "towel dance" !!!!

that's a disappointment yaar, especially when we'd come to expect so much from you all.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awwww.... papa chale gaye??
bache bade ho gaye hain...hope u bust other team's asses this time.

8:24 PM  

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