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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A group Called X1

If you ever venture towards Ropar (Roopnagar as it is officially called) and you decided to take that turn at this pit stop they call Rangilpur and follow the appropriate directions then you shall land up at an instution they call I.E.T Bhaddal.

Now, look for the computer science department and hunt down X group in the 6th semester.It is within the realms of this very class that a bunch of people exist who have together been branded as this group - X1.
All people whose names begin with the letter A constitute this group (Plus LEET people).

I shall restrict myself to the guys here (me included in some places as well) for I do not know much about most females comprising this group. I ,also, shall not delve into details about this gorup right now for I do not wish to type a lot tonight.

The guys - well we're supposed to be a close bunch. Anyways thats the general idea. We're mostly on mass bunks these days. The only guy who has a problem with this is Mr. Gupta.

Mr. Gupta is one of our class toppers who has moulded his mind in a way that allows him to concentrate on academics for long durations of time. The reasons for this shall be passed over for now. Now, what happens is that he is not exactly the biggest supporter of mass bunks but he doesn't mind the occasional skip.

The problem starts when he is asked of this every now and then. This brings about friction and heat is generated more often than not.
What people do not realise is his side of the story. He says that we are his friends only when he agrees to our demands (whatever they may be though mostly restricted to mass bunks). Say NO and be condemned forever.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Gupta here.

"You're either with us or you're against us"

That is the saying here.

So that in effect implies that you must go along with whatever is passed by the majority or be scoffed at for not understanding the concept of unity and oneness.
If we were as united a group as we claim to be then we would never need to ask such questions - to others and to oursleves.
But we do.
What exists here is an image. An image of what people want this group to be. Of what it isn't. Yet.
Save this post somewhere. Wait for 2 years. Then read it again. Maybe then my point shall be clear to you.

Everybody is so busy trying to feel and act important that they choose to neglect anyone or anything that does not fall into the picture with respect to their vision.

WAKE UP FOR GOD'S SAKE. Does blindness engulf everybody?

I must ,however, confess that the group in question is not all bad.
Nothing is.
If someone gives their word for something then you can be assured that they shall stand by it whether it be viewed as wrong or right. If ever you are in trouble and you need help, of any kind, ask any X group male. Chances are that you shall not be disappointed.

There's a song called Blood Brothers by Iron Maiden that reminds me of IIT delhi and X1.
If I had to nominate one song as our group anthem then this would be it.
Blood Brothers - Through thick and thin.
God Bless us everyone


Anonymous anuj said...

by the time x1 wakes up, there won't be any.

9:58 PM  

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