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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Feeling Better

I've been at the mercy of viral for the past 2 days but thankfully things seem to be getting back to normal.A maximum temperature of 104 degrees was achieved by your's truly but this was by no means the greatest achieved so far. I've pretty much stared at death right in the face (class 5, temp = 107.5 degrees - no kidding).They say once the mercury reaches 108, you're pretty much dead meat. While still on this topic, I would like to mention my other trysts with death/danger/whatever you may call it - snakebite,malaria,typhoid,tonsilitis,gastroenteritis,fractures have had my head literally split in half,consumption of mercury hydrochloric acid,sodium hydroxide(was kinda sweet in taste!).Maybe now you know why 104 degrees no longer bothers me! (105 - hmm, 106 - whoah , 107 - push the panic button).
I really am hoping to get well really soon because i had planned to learn a few algorithms of DAA in these 2 days and offcourse i couldn't get anything done. I do fervently hope that these exams may speedily pass away.
Moral of the story -
1.Don't mess around with disease.
2.Never underestimate the power of algorithms.


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