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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Can't think of a title

OK i'm back (still adhering to formal lingual syntaxes).
hmm... so what do i write about ... here i am with my headphones on (listening to self esteem by the offspring -nice!) and having a voice tete-a-tete with my buddy mani on yahoo. He's fretting about his soon-to-arrive broadband bill.
Mughal-e-azam is on T.V right now; watched it a little( for the 4th time i think). I gotta admit it's a pretty slick flick especially when you consider the trash they try to pass off as movies today!
Maybe, though, we (gen x i guess) have today's movies so firmly etched in our minds that we cannot begin to fathom the beauty of this epic. By the way now would be a good time to admit that i can't really stand the movie for very long either!
Anyways, i've been on holiday this week (no college baby!) and quite frankly... "I AM BORED". It's funny how sometimes you end up saying or doing things you always thought were pretty much impossible but then again, that's life for you- it takes you places you never thought you'd go.
I find it queer that whenever we have college on i keep making plans for the off days and when they do arrive (few and far in between by the way - if u dont include weekends!) all those well thought out plans seem to evaporate. It kinda speaks volumes about my memory but i think it's because i dont really WANT to remember those plans (as weird as that may sound. I shall attribute this to the fact that i am inherently lazy. Sometimes i simply hate doing any kind of activity that involves a direct displacement in my relative position at that particular instance. Come to think of it... typing out this blog is geting a little too onerous.( see what i mean when i say i can REALLY be lazy!).
I shall take leave now, it's 12:41 am right now and i gotta turn off the monitor, close my eyes, put some soft/romantic music in the background and spend some time with myself.
Ahh solitude really is Bliss ... Experience it, embrace it because at times it's the only thing you'll have to hold on to .


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