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Thursday, December 01, 2005

A shabby intro to ...

Alrighthey everybody... here it is
First of all, do NOT expect me to be giving out any tutorials here for i do not wish to spend my entire evening typing in front of a computer screen.
I'd rather go out and have coffee!!!
Anyways, now since that's out of the way let's proceed. In case you didn't know (which you logically shouldn't untill now) this is a little introduction about shaking a leg or two.

Keep these points in mind:

1.ANYBODY can dance.
2.That include you who's reading this line right now.
3.It can be easier than you think or tougher than you could possibly imagine depending on your interest in it.
4.Patience Patience Patience...

That's all i could come up with right now. Do try and keep them in mind.

Ok let's start of with some basic stuff.(The language might be a little informal).

Now before you really start to get moving in a serious manner i would strongly suggest that you give yourself a solid reason why you are doing what you are.(it helps when you're in a slump - not just for dancing but for life in general).

Now there are two basic genres in western dancing (and i'm not talking about jazz,salsa,ballet ... you get the idea).


Uprock is basically any movement that you do while 'standing'.
Downrock is ,therefore, an movement that you pretty much don't do while standing!!( you do it sitting or bent etc).

Man i really dont feel like typing a lot right now so ill be brief.

You have stuff like freestyling,breakdancing etc..
Freestyling is essentially doing your thing impromptu.

Breakdancing is a term originally coined by the media. A better word would be "Breaking". It includes many subcategories like popping,locking,skidding,tutting,sliding,waving,floor work,swipes,shuffles,head spins,1990s,2000s, turtles etc etc etc)

Now if you are interested in freestyling then it is highly recommended by me to start off as slowly as possible. Lay more emphasis on execution rather than the number of steps you know. ( There's a huge difference between learning steps and learning how to dance).Moreover, you should try out breaking first. Start off by doing the 6 step (downrock). It's the most basic downrock step of all time.
Hey, I'm starting to sound like an instructor so i shall change the tone now.
Please do feel free to improvise on any step.
Once you are through with basic movements try out waving.It involves illusion and it's fun once you get the hang of it.Now you have all sorts of waving but try some basic arm waves. These again have many types like the 10 step,the 11 step, the 15 step,the 16 step etc...
What you have to do is to move your arms in such a way that it seems as is a wave is passing through them. Raise your arms parallel to the ground and stretched out.now start off from one direction ,say the right, and move your 'joints' sequentially. Initially,frankly, you will be looking stupid don't give up.That's the biggest blunder you can make- DON'T GIVE UP, PLEASE!!!!
Geez,that was a sorry way of putting down the instructions of the wave but i told you i'm not really in the mood for typing this out right now.
All i can say is that this holds meaning if and only if (sounding like my maths teachers) you enjoy it. If you don't then there's no point in carrying on.The greatest reward you get out of this is the feeling that you get when you actually perform...sometime during the dance there comes a stage when you literally get lost and you're not thinking about which step comes next(atleast that's what happens to me), you're just ...Dancing...

I shall conclude this post with lines that i find myself reading every once in a while....over to Michael Jackson:

"Consciousness expresses itself through creation.This world we live in is the dance of the creator.Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye, but the dance lives on.On many occasions when I am dancing, I have felt touched by som,ething sacred.In those moments, i felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists.
I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and the beloved. I become the victor and the vanquished. I become the master and the slave.I become the singer and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep on dancing...then it is the eternal dance of creation. The creator and the creation merge into one wholeness of joy. I keep on dancing...and dancing...and dancing. Until there is only ... the dance"


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