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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Self Esteem Creed

This was given to us by our value education teacher (Bro. W.E Kyle - bless you) in Value Education class in class 10 - makes you think.

The Self Esteem Creed

God made me, I was no accident
I was in God's Plan
And He doesn't make junk, EVER
I was born to be
A succesful human being,
I am somebody special,unique,
Definitely one of a kind,
And I love Me.
That is essential so that
I might love you,too.
I have talents,potentials,yes,
There is greatness in me, and
If I harness that specialness,
Then I will write my name
with my deeds ...
I was born in God's image
and likeness
and I will strive to do
God's Will.


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