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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Greetings folks!
I was watching a video shot in college during the staging of the P.T.U zonals (apallingly conducted by the way) and i,therfore, decided to dedicate this post to something linked to it. This would probably be an appropriate moment to tell you that we are a team of 5 guys (and a forever varying number of girls) for dances and we call our little group - F.L.I.R.T
The name was approved by (patners in crime!!!) Maninder, Abhinav and Saurabh (sobby) one night before VISTA 2005(our annual function,in case u didn't know) and your's truly came up with the full form for it - Freedom Lies In Rational Thinking.
We are five guys -(in alphabetical order):

1.Abhinav Jha
2.Aseem Gill
3.Maninder Singh
4.Saurabh Sharma
5.Saurabh Sharma

1.Abhinav Jha - Has a body ,that i believe, is ideal for dancing (western that is) alas! if only he realised it!!!
I am reminded of an anecdote here. We were to go to Faridkot for a fest and we were falling short of one girl. Since the fest was the following day and maninder had all but given up hope of finding a third girl.That was when Mr. Jha was contacted and the whole situation explained to him. Mr. Jha ,IN the next 15 seconds called 6 girls loitering around over there and before you knew it...we were now holding auditions!!!
This is the power of Mr. Jha - Anything to do with a girl; he's your man.

2.Aseem Gill - That's me in case you didn't know.hmm... so what do i say about myself .... i have a long long way to go that's for sure. I only hope to finally learn how to dance one day.(no kidding). Oh and don't freak out if you see me doing a 'frozen 1990' on the college staircases. I'm practising power moves these days!

3.Maninder Singh - Check this guy out during full fledged practice and you'll know what quality dancing is all about. He idolises Prabhu Deva (and Govinda too, i think).

4.Saurabh Sharma - (Comp.Sc.) - Has drastically improved his arm and body waves in recent times. Maybe he should give Hip-Hop dancing a try.

5.Saurabh Sharma - E.I - Relies on facial expressions as his strong point. He shall have to pay,though, for making us all dance to songs such as Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (that includes the towel step :( )

That's F.L.I.R.T for you.
The above comments serve only as a brief introduction of the 5 characters mentioned above. I assure you there's a lot more to know about them in this field and beyond (maybe not about number 2 though).

Anyways i shall be writing about the basics of dancing soon (upon the instance of sushant - i know you're reading this line).

If you're not bored by this time then, by jove, kudos to you.


Anonymous jeet said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm well it was nice readin ur blog(shit) so FLIRT hmmmbut the question still hold who the fuk are rohini, simran sohal shivani.......

11:01 PM  
Blogger the artful dodger said...

i think i never shall know ...besides it isn't imperative either

3:18 PM  

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