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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Points of authority

1.Kiranveer is a girl in our class who i believe i shall never be able to (correctly) identify.

2.Inderpreet Kaur can be a world class rapper if she gives it a shot.

3.Anuj Bhardwaj is nice in a weird way and weird in a nice way.

4.Inderpreet Singh (Sariya) has all the makings of a true professional.

5.Abhinav Jha shall die by my hands. I shall use a compass.( he made me watch "deewaane hue paagal")

6.Inderjeet Singh Sodhi ... need i say more?

7.Dhruv Anand has the potential to be an extremely able dancer.

8.Harkaran Kaushal has enough ammunition to confuse a rocket scientist.

9.Atul Gupta is one of the nicest people i know.

10.Ambica Verma's dad is the H.O.D of the E.I department.

11.Arun Sahore rarely turns up for the sessionals( when he does he's too busy looking into my answer sheet).

12.Ashish Saini turns up for the sessionals but the rest of the story is the same!!!

13.Garima Sarin should indulge in public speaking contests/sessions more often.

14.Isha Soni has skin that is whiter than milk.

15.Which Manpreet is which?

16.Harpreet Singh Mann is not who he used to be two years ago.

17.Chivalry, principles and character hold little meaning in our institution.

18.Maninder (mani) is single and looking.

19.Jasmine Bawa is very forthcoming, warm and friendly.

20.Aditi Pal is,by far,the best salsa dancer i have ever seen.

21.Abhineet looks much better in a suit.

22.The same goes for Hardeep Singh Somal.

23.Anmol Dhand has coloured his hair blonde.

24.Amardev Singh loves wearing caps and swears he's gotten thinner.

25.Amitojdeep Singh almost always ties his turban perfectly.

26.Nancy has a voice of gold.

27.Replace "Nancy" with Jagdeep Singh Brar in point 26 and you get point 27.

28.Tutorials are a farce.

29..You shall never know how courageous you really are until you have no choice.

30.If love is blind then how will she find me!!!!!!

31.You have not lived through a perfect day, even though you may have earned your bread,

until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

32.This world sorely needs brotherhood ... DO YOUR PART.

33.Reality is an illusion, only dreams are real.

34.Impossible is nothing.

35.Manreet is a wonderful girl.

36.Deepika wants to be an air hostess.

37.Coke is better than Pepsi.

38.Who are simran sohal, rohini, anamika, shivani ...etc ???

40.I loathe forwarded mails.

41.Writing in points is fun.

42.Now it's starting to get boring.

That should suffice for now.


Anonymous jeet said...

well it was nice to read this part trst me i kinda got inspiration from the shyt u keep on writin.
accha listen do check ma blog if u get time.

9:42 PM  

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