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Thursday, December 08, 2005


It's been a long, gruelling,frustrating and mentally exhausting day . I've been studying this Dumb subject subject called S.A.D (System Analysis and Design) which i firmly believe has no practical importance in the life of a computer engineer. Now, some of you purists out there might beg to differ with me on this one but you're forgetting one thing baby... this is MY blog!!!! I managed 11 chapters - that's 11 chapters of pure cramming without understanding much offcourse. It's courses like these that make me wonder about the purpose of education. Why are we being subjected to such nonsensical (atleast in public opinion) subjects considering the fact that we are soon to be computer engineers? Why cannot P.T.U not inculcate a course on , say, Java or .Net ??? When will they wake up to the fact that we are no longer living in the 20th century?
Anyways, I was feeling much better day before yesterday (@fever et al) but things it seems to be back with a vengeance. :(
I cannot concentrate on studies right now ( Due to this and some other factors as well but thats beyond the point right now.), i cannot sleep (not more than umm.. 2 hours a night - no kidding), and life suddenly looks like a horror movie. Speaking of horror movies, You should see my face right now. The last time i shaved was on december 3 ( and today is december 8!!). I assure you i have more facial hair than ,atleast, Inderpreet Singh as of now!
I feel like typing stuff right now but i'm not sure what to write about. Listening to "Nothing Else Matters" - Metallica.I badly need to waste some time to make myself feel at ease. Maybe blogging will help!!!!! hehe good one ;)
hey i just remembered - Today's John Lennon's 25th death anniversary and they have these shows on star tv lined about him.
Guess I'll watch them for now. Thank God for change!!!!!


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