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Monday, November 27, 2006


It is I who is back. I have just lived through one of the greatest weeks of my entire life. The reasons, of course, are unknown to anyone. An hour or so really can change a year or so of the past. Easily. Thank you. You won’t read this, I know, ever.

I can now safely conclude, with my own experience serving as a judge, that it is far better to be a slave of the future than a prisoner of the past.

Moving on … I have wasted yet another weekend and I do find myself repenting for it. I do not know what will become of my projects just yet but I’d like to bet that things shall seem brighter this week.

I’d like to mention here that we now have an official F.L.I.R.T Youtube account.

Search for FLIRTBhaddal (That’s our user name – cocky but it was one of the few ones still available).

You could also go to the mentioned link :


So much for that.

Much has happened over the past week but I cannot discuss it owing to my laziness, unwillingness to type much further and other factors beyond description. I hope to be more regular at devoting my attention to this page next year. Please do not take the previous sentence at face value though. I have much to do next month and very limited time and resources to do it in. A miracle just might be the need of the hour.

If you’re still reading this post then you had better go and absorb yourself in more germane matters.



Anonymous Kashyap said...

umm, "..."
Ya, got it - Good Luck!!
Oops, I'm not supposed to speak but I've a big mouth. (Sorry!! Ya, ya, I know, "No problemo" .. yet, still, but... huh)

Secondly, sir, why did u replace the player by the link?(F.L.I.R.T Practice@Youtube)... I think player was outshining @thesolitaryreaper. (I think.)

All The Best once again
Congos 4 FLIRTBhaddal

6:34 PM  
Blogger The Artful Dodger said...

Well I thought the player would take up a lot of bandwidth( especially on slower connections.) The page, ergo, would take longer to load.
I shall consider putting it back up though.

2:07 AM  

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