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Friday, January 06, 2006

This n That

I'm back yet again folks.
Alrightey now I'm here with my buddy Mr. Arneja right no. He is, as usual, busy on the phone.Hah. I can see him smiling right now as he reads this. He's now left the electronic gadget alone though.
He has his hands foldes as if in prayer right now.
I and Mr. Arneja were accompanied to FR by Mr Mutti. We planned to see a 9:45 show but lady luck had other plans. The show turned out to be a 10:40 one so we left empty handed. Mr. Sodhi had aball during the 3 hours when most of his comrades were suffering from the pangs of this beast they refer to as "Mathematics 3".
I guess I shall sign off for now.
Hasta La Vista baby !


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