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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A House for Mr. Jha( and Mr. Arneja)

Yes, the unthinkable has happened! We finally found a room for rent good enough for the two ruffians (!) to live in. Offcourse now i know every nook and corner of half of Chandigarh and Mohali now(address wise).
I watched EK AJNABEE with Mr. Jha as my 'date' at FR. The movie went off nicely and we stopped by the main FR plaza to watch this pepsi sponsored dance thingie. A girl (I'd say around 10 years old) was impressive among the lot.
Anyways Mr. Jha then bought a shirt andthen proceeded to buy undergarments (I shall divulge no details here). I,however, was taken aback when i noticed him actually trying to go inf or a colour combination!!! Who the hell cares for colours of undergarments???!?

I have to go to Amritsar with Dad and my brother tomorrow, in the morning so i guess I had better get some sleep now.
Peace out again


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