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Friday, December 23, 2005

Just Another Post

I think i see hell coming my way this week.Offcourse none of you reading this will be able to decipher what I mean by thisa and maybe that's a good thing!

Have to dizzy up my UPS and CD drive, get new guitar strings and get Sariya's guitar fixed. I'm trying to get my hands on 'Carnivore' these days. For the uninitiated, it's software that's classified (FBI stuff).

Anyways, Mr. Arneja and Mr. Jha are in town looking for a PG (they swear to finally shift out of the hostel). They are on the forage for their current mission and I wish them luck for they same. Mr. Jha wants to watch a movie tonight but I believe only crap is being played in theatres today. I also doubt if Chandigarh has any night shows( the 9:00 to 12:00 types). I,however, might join them in this little scheme of things but you never know :

A man with conviction is worth a majority.

Speaking of out-of-towners, Mr. Bhardwaj and Mr. kaushal graced the city with their presence as well. Mr. Bhardwaj, if you read this in time, Please do fetch Mr. Jha's suit for me tomorrow.
The suit is required by me for the Ball tomorrow. The Winter Ball is an annual event of SJOBA (St. John's Old Boys Association). St. John's also happens to be my alma mater.


I assure you that the ball is one of the finest parties you can go to. The only hinderence in your path is the fact that it is a johnian-only affair (since 2003). However, johnian's are allowed to bring along their spouse or female companionAs. Your's Truly, however, shall be going as a stag as usual( it's more fun this way!!).Morever, you get to meet up your old buddies. I was witness to the play organised by SJOBA yeterday( at school offcourse, which also happens to be the venue for the Winter Ball).It was all part of the winter fest and the play went off well. The Treasure Hunt is tomorrow (int he morning) but I shall have to give it a miss( I have my DBMS viva tomorrow).I shall be attending the ball in the evening though. Now the Ball usually gets over by around 3:00 am. That is followed by our excursion to the lake and by the time we reach home the clock most certainly strikes 6:30 or so. I shall have just enough time (on the morning of the 25th) to change out of the suit and catch the college bus and appear for my next viva.

I have other issues that I need to resolve as well but they are bet left unmentioned on this blog.

I have to leave to meet Mr. Jha and Mr. Arneja and I presume that Mr. Sandhu and Mr. Saini shall also be present.Let's see if the movie plan works out.

Listening to Pehla Nasha. Brings back old memories. (Stop imagining stuff for God's sake.)
Adios Critters


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