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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yet Another Post

Yowza I'm back!
The last of my vivas is over and I'm a free bird ('till the 9th of Jan).
Went to a ....umm...a... I don't know what it was exactly but it was supposed to be a movie thingie. Turned out that the 'organisers' failed to turn up (courtesy a delayed viva). So there we were, me and Mr. Jha (the less than 80 percenters) and Messers Atul,Dhruv,Rahul,Gurpreet,Dolly (the academic wiz kids!). You know what... Scholars CAN talk like normal people if they choose too!!!!
Anyways, thi was followed by my daily ritual of scavanging for a pg for Mr. Jha and Mr. Arneja which ended on yet another unsucessful note. We then went to sector 15 with Sariya (who shall be addressed as Mr. Sahi from now on). He was the proud recipient of a traffic ticket (though just for one offence when he deserved atleast 3!!). I bought my guitar string and he gave his guitar for repairs.(he had broken it earlier). Me and Mr. Jha proceeded to have dinner after this series of unplanned events and it was there that we discovered that a room was available in phase 3b2 (1356 I think). We went thre at around 10:00 at night and extracted the details and as I type this Mr. Jha is busy on the phone with Mr. arneja(who is the hostel right now) .They are brooding over the prospects of moving into this room.
Our search,offcourse, shall continue in the meanwhile,tomorrow.
Not the ideal way to be spending your holidays but then again :

Sometime's a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

I'll leave you wih this thought.
Good Night
Peace Out


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