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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Typing Into Oblivion

I just bought myself a new keyboard and boy am I ever excited.
Bye bye Intex (never buy and Intex keyboard) and Hello Samsung.

It should be needless to say that I shall be typing all night long.
Have lots of work online to attend to. Moreover, I finally got my headphones and guitar form Sariya's place so I got lots to do tonight.
Yippie !!!
Dhand wants to learn how to crack email passwords. Explaining that to him. In case it isn't clear to you - CHANGE YOUR GODDAMN PASSWORDS !!!
NOW !!! That should'nt be much of protection but something is better than nothing !!!
Ciao(@ Jha that's Cisco's software !!!)


Anonymous anuj said...

so, bhaddal folks will finally have one more person to blame for yahoo account/password problems.

AdiĆ³s Amigo.

5:34 PM  
Blogger the artful dodger said...

It isn't as easy as you might think it to be. If it were then every Tom Dick and Harry would be breaking passwords left and right.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous anuj said...

is that what you deduced from my comment?

12:04 AM  
Anonymous anuj said...

who's the Tom+Dick+Harry in this case?


12:05 AM  
Blogger the artful dodger said...

No Comments.

10:53 PM  

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