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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Almost Through

The exams are almost over (only C.P.I to go). Today's exam, however, like D.A.A, did not go according to plan but then again... that's life for you. I'm still thinking about Amrit's Mushroom Kathi which I had with Mr. Sodhi around 1.5 hours ago.
I shall be going with my buddy Hardeep to get the Winter Ball pass in around 10 minutes from now and guess what... they're giving away complimentary passes for the english play on the 22nd as well!!!! yippie!!!!!

Life's gonna be a blast once the exams are over ( who studies for vivas? - other than girls, that is, lolz.)
On a different note, India had amassed 284 runs as i write this with the loss of 9 wickets (against Sril Lanka) with an overall lead of 476 runs which should be enough to ensure them a victory but hey, this is INDIA, ANYTHING is possible.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jha!!!

Here's an observation i made a few months ago... If you drop a soft drink bottle cap ( the ones you get with the 500 ml bottles or larger) it almost always falls upside down.

I think i should make a move now. Hardy must be waiting plus i have to go with Sariya in order to photostat a mammoth amount of CPI topics.
Hasta la Vista dudes n dudettes


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