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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Semester Eight

This has been another typical semester in the land of wheat, a petrol pump and an engineering college – Bhaddal.

We have teachers who have in their possession certain characteristics that … well … set them apart from your average teacher.

We have subjects where no teachers have been allotted. The ones who have been allotted seem uninterested in conducting lectures.

Our Expert Systems lecturer seems to enter the classroom believing that the entire building is on fire.
He walks all over the place speaking at length on his subject in what I shall describe to be a heterogeneous blend of the English and Punjabi languages.
He calls out to people for answering his questions by a quick and sharp raise of the hand which appears to be an attempt to levitate the person in question.
Once ten minutes of his lecture have passed and he has finally finished banging into furniture the sense of urgency in his nature seems to absent itself in its entirety.

Our Environment Science teacher seems to think Aseem Gill is the only student in class.It’s almost like I’m under the spotlight all the time. Whether I’m noting down the lecture or whiling away my time doing nothing I keep getting the feeling of being watched.
Group X would know what I mean.

Then we have FLAT. I do not understand the meaning of those tiny circles and the null values that everybody writes on the connecting nodes.

Oh and Gurpreet, I know you told me not to mention the discussion on the blog and guess what … I won’t

In return I only ask off you to become my slave for life. Muahaha @ that.

Geetanjali … Your assignment is safe and is in the hands of IP. I apologize for any undue tension you might have borne because of Mr. Sahi and I. I must admit, though, that we (IP included) found it extremely funny and entertaining.

I shall end this post by taking my hat off to our new principal Mr. H.S Shaan.

They say that a man’s character is tested in trying times.

Mr. Shaan just passed with flying colours.One man standing up AND holding his own in front of a group of blood thirsty final year students.I’ve seen the so called best of the best staff members (both past and present) falter there.
Take a bow.



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