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Friday, February 16, 2007


People, it seems, liked what we had to offer at PECFest ’07. We now have official requests to teach people the western style of dancing.

I sometimes wonder … How do you teach people to dance?

We simply practice our routines and moves enough times so that our bodies are left with no choice but to follow suit. Dancing, however, is something much more than that. People figure it out for themselves, Some sooner than others but everybody does. Patience, it seems, is a virtue uncommon enough to be valued.

Michael Jackson once said that the biggest mistake people make while dancing is that they start thinking. … 1…2…3…4… Dance while you’re dancing. True.

One of the best and most effective ways, at least according to me, are practicing by yourself. No one but you and a mirror or your own shadow (candle light).

Simply try and move the way you wish to see yourself moving. It looks extremely embarrassing at times but the results are almost as big, if not bigger, than the risk undertaken.

Here’s another practical one by MJ – The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.

Anyway … much has happened in time gap between this post and the previous one and I, as is habitual with me now, do not bother to type it all out.

The PECFest ’07 performances, as captured on video, are average or a maybe just a notch above average (which equals poor).

I have enrolled for a .NET course along with Mr. Sahi. I’ve researched about the possibilities of coding on this platform and there’s enough here to satisfy my evil designs.

This reminds me of something closely linked …. Youtube Grabber is software and NOT a virus.

Trust me, I do not have enough time on my hands to send viruses to each person individually. I’d much rather crack your passwords! Muaha @ that.

That was a geeky joke.

Oh and lest I forget … HELP ME OUT WITH F.L.A.T!!! (and SLLP too while you’re at it).

Lastly, the Water Computer has been invented at MIT.


@ Mr. Berry I know it is against your will that I’m posting technical news here but I cannot help it at times. Moreover, the password to this blog is known only to me and therefore only I possess the ability to decide what goes on.

Another Muaha @ that.

Enough doodling. That should be enough crap for everybody to handle.



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