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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ponderings of a Wandering Mind

Why is it necessary to visit a place of worship on every religious
festival to prove that you still believe in God?
Is a priest holier than I?
Is the devil a greater sinner than I?
Why does everybody need to prove to the world how devoted they truly are?

If the world calls you fake then do you become one?
If the world calls you a genius then do you become one?

I've noticed people in our college buses indulging in all sorts of things ,which are best left mentioned here, but as soon as they pass that Gurudwara on the main road everybody folds their hands, bow their heads and utter something under breath.

How convenient.

Why do we need others to tell us who we are?
Why do we not ,instead, choose to define our own selves?
Why must we always do what our peers 'want' us to do instead of what we really want to do?

When will we realise that reality is perhaps the greatest illusion of all?

Why can we not keep religion aside for a moment and concentrate on God?

I find the terms religion and God divorced from each other. People kill in the name of God. How is everyone OK with that?

Is someone bad because everybody says so?
Is someone good because everybody says so?

Is it abnormal to love someone?
Is it abnormal to have feelings for someone?

How big a deal is lying?
What if we hurt someone without knowing it?

What is someone hates us because of a misunderstanding?
Worse still, what if someone loves us because of a misunderstanding?

Righteousness or Convenience: what would you choose?

Is the answer more important than the question?

Are we human?

What if you hate the man in the mirror one day?

Does the end really justify the means?
Does the journey count for nothing?

Will negativity and its cousins always be present in abundance?

Are people not worthy of being given a second chance?

Why is silence considered to represent weakness?

Why cannot anyone try and just be themselves?


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