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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

To Go or Not to Go ...

... for the trip, THAT'S THE FRIGGIN' QUESTION !
Our imbecile maagement cannot figure out whether the answer to the above posed question is a negative or an affirmative. Last I heard it's been postponed but hey, this is Bhaddal ... You never know.
My CCNA course starts on Monday, 2 hours after college. Then I got my already on MBA classes on the weekends (4 hours each). I plan to join formal guitar classes as well. Then offcourse there's the sessionals and assignments but fret not; superman err... I mean Aseem should be able to manage it!lolz
But,seriously, I do expect to be extremely busy from Feb 1. I plan to add more 'chores' to my already swelling list.
Oh and I plan to read atleast 1 book a week(non- academic). I plan to have coffee atleast once a week at CCD. I plan to have ice sream atleast twice a week.
I plan for sanity not to elude me. I plan on making changes in life. (You needn't know about my other plans.)
(Hey, I just realised this... I do already do most of this stuff - if not all of it!)
Ok that's it from me.
I plan (lolz) to watch 'Nottinghill' tonight.
That's too many romantic movies in too short a span of time!!!
Guess I had better load the movie now.


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