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Saturday, January 14, 2006

F# A E B (Blvd Chords)

I finally went to my MBA class after around 3 months.Hurray!!!
Got my guitar priced. Turns out they're offering me 1200 smackeroos. You see i plan to buy a Signature or Givson Semi-Jumbo. I shal be the proud owner of one by next week (hope so).
This reminds me, I was sitting on the porch at night playing my guitar and this guy walks up to me, stops by to listen to me play and says that its been a long time since he saw or heard something played from the heart.

I'm still with my guitar right now and I plan to keep it in my arms for the next hour or so at the very least.
In Shakespeare's words:

If music be the food of life, Play on ...

Play on I shall.
Amen to that


Anonymous anuj said...

semi jumbo ? i thought you would've gone for a jumbo itself. any particular reason?

12:52 PM  
Blogger the artful dodger said...

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10:39 PM  

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