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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Points of Authority: Revisited

I edited Points of Authority ( a previous post) with some oft repeated lines I've heard :

1.Kiranveer : Still don't know who she is!

2.Inderpreet Kaur : "Dear...",

3.Anuj Bhardwaj : "Abe..." (in a sufficiently high pitched voice.)." Parfessar ne keh ta naah...bas." Loves looking at people by lowering his head a little and looking through the top of his spectacles.

4.Inderpreet Singh : "Oye sun..." or "Accha sun..."," Oh teri obser...", "katal.....". Walks in a straight line with his head bent down so that even if you silently pass him by, he won't notice anything.

5.Abhinav Jha : "....Accha...sun...Kya kehte haiiiinnn....", "Be professional".

6.Inderjeet Singh Sodhi : "Accha, listen ...", "Ghassa ho gaya ...", any phrase involving the words "chachhe naal chaud", "Oh mama...","kya baat hai" etc etc

7.Dhruv Anand : (eyebrows raised just a little) uhhh... (Followed by a mix of english and hindi and involving looking away to any distant object for a brief moment while one hand is in his Jean/Trouser pocket)

8.Harkaran Kaushal : (fist pointing to the heart) - physical way of saying "katal ..."

9.Atul Gupta : "So, Mr. Gill ..."

10.Ambica Verma : Not enough information. Speaks a little on the faster side. Maybe there's competition brewing up for IP Kaur in the rapping department!!! lolz

11.Arun Sahore : "Oye Aseem, sun; paper mein dikha diyo yaar kuch." Followed by a face that looks as if he's going to kiss me( His eyes are open though!).

12.Ashish Saini : lol... The X1 guys know his favourite phrase. Others include "Gallan kara lao jinni marji ehde ton...", "Aah gaya hai mooh chakk ke toon??!!"

13.Garima Sarin : Not enough information.

14.Isha Soni :Not enough information.

15.Manpreet Kaur * : Absolutely no idea.

16.Harpreet Singh Mann : "Agla lecture kihda hai?"

18.Maninder : "Gill ehh","Haan...".

19.Jasmine Bawa : Not enough information.

20.Aditi Pal : "Pata hai ...". Her eyes(dark brown) normally shrink a little in the middle of a sufficiently long conversation . Can be cold or forthcoming at times depending on various factors.

21.Abhineet : "Hai..." lolz. No offence!!!

22.Hardeep Singh Somal : haha countless.. Some of them are "ama...","albatta...", "C'mon", "Bas kar Bas kar Bas kar",

23.Anmol Dhand : "Accha... ab kya scene hai?"(in Hindi or Punjabi),"Lab laani hai?","Agla mass bunk hai" normally covers his mouth while laughing. The same may be said for another person as well. Won't mention who coz it might prove to be
embarassing for him/her.

24.Amardev Singh : "Class cloos laani hai?"

25.Amitojdeep Singh : "Kiven aa?", "Gill saab!"

26.Nancy : Not Enough Information.

27.Jagdeep Singh Brar : "Class Kithe hai?", "Class lag rahi hai?"

35.Manreet : Not enough information.

36.Deepika : Not enough information.

Enough for one night.


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